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Everyone can be an innovator.

Human Inc's comprehensive courses enables organisations and individuals to drive awareness, learning, practice, adoption and finally mastery in critical future skills like Design Thinking and Agile Mindsets – placing you and your organisation as part of a larger transformational journey, no matter where you begin. Whether you are learning to increase your capability, or want to deepen your practice within your role, we'll get you there!

Our Open Programs
Our open programs are for any individual who are looking to learn with a cohort of other aspiring innovators! Each learner comes from an array of backgrounds & expertise, from both the corporate and start-up ecosystem. You can also sign up with your friends & colleagues to learn together!

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Introduction to Design Thinking
‣ Respond effectively to shifting markets and fast-changing needs

‣ Accelerate product development and go-to-market cycles

‣ Unlock creativity, enable complex problem-solving and build innovation skills
Agile Leadership
‣ Build Agile Leadership through 8 Agile Mindsets and identify personal & organisational agility gaps

‣ Practice and experiment behaviour change in a collaborative setting to accelerate mindset activation

‣ Develop and implement real world leadership practices
Strategic HR Professional
‣ Reimagine and redesign all aspects of work through an employee-centric practice

‣ Sense-make employee needs using tools that inspire new and better ideas, concepts, and solutions

‣ Discover ways to rapidly build and test employee initiatives that powers and transforms culture

‣ Know how to integrate business priorities, HR technologies and employee delight
Human Inc Academy
Develop Future-Ready Talent
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